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 The last course took place on 30th April, 2001

Gerry Dunne writes about the experience:

The weekend of the 30th March witnessed the advent of something new in Kimmage, something Ireland has not been exposed to yet. This was the huge issue of youth and their role within the Church today. George Boran, a Spiritan, who has worked for over 25 years in Brazil and America in the field of youth leadership, was giving a course on this subject matter to a group of fifteen people in Kimmage Manor. Fifteen people from all walks of life from the parishes of Greenhills and Kimmage gathered together to take part in this course. In all honesty, none of us knew what to expect, and one could feel the nervousness in the room before we begun. Fortunately this subsided and over the course of the weekend the initial nervousness one felt at the start, turned into a closely knit, deep bond between all the participants.

The interesting thing about his course was that unlike most courses now-days, it did not merely address the problem, but rather it highlighted the solution to it. Attendance at this course is a must for all those involved with youth, even if it is not in an evangelical capacity. The course itself works from the premise, which I believe, is best summed up in the words of Francis Bacon: hope makes a good breakfast but a bad supper. The youth of today are encapsulated in a materialistic society, and as far as all of them are concerned they would go along with the statement once espoused by Brendan Behan: pound notes make the best religion in the world. George’s course aims at forming leaders who can transcend the perpetual materialistic longings of our youth today, by offering them something which will never be exhausted: a personal option for Jesus Christ, and the ability to express this faith journey in a non-judgmental and friendly environment. Coupled with this, George helps tease out each individual’s skills and develop them so that they may be better equipped in working with youth and helping them realize that there is more to life than alcohol and night clubs.

Read the brochure for George’s next course which will be give on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November. The venue has yet to be decided.

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